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Invest through volunteering with Empower

Invest through volunteering

Be a part of the team. Empower is built on the passion and commitment of many volunteers. No matter what your background is, you can make a difference. Connect with us today!

We are looking for individuals or teams to volunteer with us and impact a community.

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Financial donations

You can be part of the community that is Connecting, Empowering and Launching people forward in their purpose to Entrepreneurs and Champions all over the world. Register to become a monthly contributor, or give a once off gift, to Empower and enable more people to be impacted!

Financial donations at Empower
Nominate a champion

Nominate a champion

Celebrate heroes in the community. These are existing community members or organizations who have given their lives for a greater cause but often continue to struggle. Empower would like to come along side them, uplift their environment, support them in their mission, so that they can continue to influence the community.

If you know someone that you feel fits this criteria, please let us know, we would love to see how we could empower them with you!

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