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After an initial meeting at an entrepreneurship day in June 2023, Melonique reached out to discover more about Empower and how to grow Melo Marshmellows (the preschool that she owns). She arrive...

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Empower - Melonique

Aunty Aggie

On the 15th of March 2022, we had a momentous day as Empower, as Aunty Aggie’s home was built. From the foundation to the finishing touches of her home, everything was put in place on the ...

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Empower - Aunty Aggie


In October 2021, we as Empower began to strategise and gear up to make a difference in our community. We started as a couple of likeminded friends that are passionate about people and how they l...

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Empower - Shenolene

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To eradicate unemployment and poverty in the community. In the process of achieving this objective, we hope to connect people, support ideas and provide a platform for them to grow emotionally, relationally and spiritually before being launched successfully into a job creation environment.

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