Date: 02 October 2021 - 01 January 1970

In October 2021, we as Empower began to strategise and gear up to make a difference in our community. We started as a couple of likeminded friends that are passionate about people and how they live. Even though we did not have all the skills and knowledge, we decided to act and learn, rather than just sit, and do nothing. Shenolene was an obvious choice to be the first Empower the Champion to be celebrated. 

Shenolene is a young single lady, that lives with her gran. On her income, which is just above minimum wage, she pays rent on her home, supports her gran, and pays for her studies to finish her teaching degree. She has two years to go on her studies.  However, when asked, her first comments are about how can we create a better place for the Grade R learners. Shenolene teachers and invests into 25 Grade R learners every year. We grateful to have a lady like this adding value to the next generation of our country. 

As Empower, we believe in the Multiply Affect. What does that mean? In short, we look for people that are influencing their community in a positive and uplifting manner. Our goal was to assist Shenolene with some paint work, plumbing and electrical changes to her home. We were also able to buy her a desk, chair, and lamp for her studies. We want to see Shenolene going above and beyond in her studies and impacting her community, not just for the now, but for years to come! 

We congratulate Shenolene for the amazing contribution she makes to our community!

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To eradicate unemployment and poverty in the community. In the process of achieving this objective, we hope to connect people, support ideas and provide a platform for them to grow emotionally, relationally and spiritually before being launched successfully into a job creation environment.

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