Who We Are

Our dna

Empower is a NPO that focuses on connecting people, equipping and empowering them with the necessary skills to ensure that their spiritual, emotional and business wellbeing will flourish.

People are the core of any successful business or NPO. With great people, one can impact a society, a nation and the world. We as an organization want to invest into people, encourage them, connect them to mentors and equip them to become innovative thinkers that can become successful entrepreneurs, leaders and influencers in their communities

Empower - Our DNA

As empowered we want to:

Empower Entrepreneurs with a mentor, suitable skills and possible funding so that they can turn their ideas into thriving businesses.

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Empower the Champions by celebrating those people in our communities that already have given so much to bring about change in our area. We will do this by blessing them and meeting a need in their lives that they possibly have not been able to meet.

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Empower the Seed is an avenue to reach successful business men who want to give back to the community by setting up sustainable incomes for the NPO itself, so that we are able to continue to do work that seeks to alleviate unemployment in our communities.

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Mission statement

Connect, empower & launch.

Every person is one moment, relationship, investment, idea away from our God given purpose. We at Empower want to connect people so they can be
empowered and launch out into their business, spiritual and emotional purpose.

Meet David

Brooke and I are co founders of Empower. We are based in George, South Africa, with our two children, Judah James and Riley Madison. Our hearts are to impact people's lives with the love of Jesus through empowering them with practical skills. 

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Meet David

Meet Justin

Kate and I are co founders of Empower. We live in Bluffton, South Carolina with our daughter Harper Jane. We are going to find needs in this world and meet them in a practical way, while equipping them to launch out into purpose. 

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Meet Justin

Meet the board

South Africa

Meet the board - David May

David May

Empowering the one, who empowers the many.

Meet the board - Justin Cheesman

Justin Cheesman

Is an opportunity to leverage my resources to facilitate an individual by acknowledging their values, and creating an atmosphere where they can be free to pursue their future, and Christ's plan for it.

Meet the board - Marschant Probart

Marschant Probart

God’s favour is never meant to end with an individual, but rather to continually overflow into the lives of others.

Meet the board - Mukona Khalushi

Mukona Khalushi

A myriad of untapped leaders are waiting to unleash their God given gifts, if we are empathetic enough to reach and connect, our world will change.

Meet the board - Albertus Botha

Albertus Botha

Change starts with me, once you realise that you will be able to encourage others to start a change within them too! Through the growth and change we can discover our God given purpose and the ripple effect of this will transform the world into a better place for all.

Meet the board - Glenwin Sefela

Glenwin Sefela

Empowering the individual to change their future, for the good.

United States of America

Meet the board - Justin Cheesman

Justin Cheesman

Is an opportunity to leverage my resources to facilitate an individual by acknowledging their values, and creating an atmosphere where they can be free to pursue their future, and Christ's plan for it.

Meet the board - William Maples

William Maples

Empower is an opportunity to serve others, build lasting relationships and equip them with the tools they need to succeed in their faith, their families and the communities where they live.

Meet the board - Spencer Callantine

Spencer Callantine

To Empower is defined as giving power to others, this principal is weaved throughout the entire organization and acts as a cornerstone for each action. I couldn’t be more excited for the Role Empower will play in the lives of others and the impact it will provide for the kingdom.

Meet the board - Zach MacDougall

Zach MacDougall

When you release your treasures you are inundated with joy and riches from the most unexpected places at the most unusual times... that is how we Empower

Meet the board - Benedette McGuire

Benedette McGuire

The definition of empower is to give power or official authority to.

I believe in dreams.  I believe that each one of us is given dreams, but sometimes people do not know how to take the first step in pursing that dream. I believe that Empower can provide the resources, support system and mentorship roles to help people to walk into their purpose and pursue their dreams